Identity, Integrity, and Leadership

A 2-day training to develop insight and skill for leaders using fundamentals of personal history.

Water is the softest thing, yet it can penetrate the mountains and the earth.

Lao Tzu

Integrity is an understanding of what is important to you and your capacity to enact the principles embodied by your sense of self, and your capacity to hold integrity in enacting your power in the larger world.

The format of the training will be a 2-day in-person intensive.

Date: 19th and 20th November 2022 | Venue: Reynard St Community Centre, Coburg

Identity, Integrity, and Leadership

Understanding Power, Privilege & Diversity

Day 1

19th November 2022

Understanding Concepts

Understanding identity, integrity in leadership is based on individual capacity to know ourselves. The expression of what is important to us in our world is our personal integrity. And the quality of our deep integrity is our potential leadership in the world.

  • How we construct ourselves?
  • The qualities that are important to us as social beings.
  • The capacity to access belonging and social support we experience.
  • The influence we have on our world.
Day 2

20th November 2022

Growing Your Potential Leadership

Who we are and the interface with the world is an extremely complex interaction of social dynamics. Not everybody has the capacity to flow personal integrity into effective social leadership. Understanding yourself, your impact on the world, and expressing benevolent supportive leadership becomes important.

  • We will look at the personal application of the skills in your day-to-day life.
  • Participants can bring in challenging situations they have faced.

Course Objectives

At the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Develop an understanding and skills of a “diversity conscious leadership mindset”.
  • Learn to be present to a diversity of voices, feelings and opinions, irrespective of race, gender, sexual orientation, ability, appearance, education, financial status, and religion.
  • Train people to examine and understand the concepts of what creates and divides communities.
  • Explore personal and social identity and the dynamics of belonging,
  • Explore your access to the many sources of power and the personal and social privileges evolving from your identity and belonging.

Why This Course?

  1. When we appreciate and acknowledge the creativity, flexibility and strength that human diversity gives us, whether on an organizational, cultural or individual level, our relationships deepen and we become nourished by our sense of belonging in a much larger inclusive world.
  2. Social or personal ability also arises from culture, community privileges have benefits, both known and unknown, that go along with dominant perceptions of human value that ascribe social value to individuals.
  3. Your personal power, the privileges you own and the capacity to relate to others across the cultural spectrum, all co-create the basis of your personal leadership style.

Structural work is only a bandage unless feelings have been healed.

Arnold Mindell


There is no eligibility criteria to attend the training. It is open to anyone who is interested in learning how to navigate privilege and identity as leaders.

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What Others Have Said?

“I learnt how I subconsciously and automatically segregate the world based on differences, and I assign power to a particular group that is most like me – right, wrong, ethical, moral, economic, racial, religious, sexual.”

“Understanding how I am marginalized, discriminated against, treated as less than, and how that affects my sense of self, my beliefs & perceptions about others and how I do the same.”

I saw people as the same, and that was just not true. I wanted to try and shift my capacity to see the differences and be compassionate and empathetic to challenges this could bring”

“I wanted to see people for who they really are, not for how I thought they should be.”

I learnt how my sense of entitlement is linked to my power and privilege inherited from my race and education, and not all others have that. I deny the privilege I receive so that I can believe that we are all on a level playing field.