Process Oriented Ethics

Every conflict is, in a way, the most important one. It can be the beginning of world change.

Arnold Mindell

This is a newly developed approach to handling issues, concerns and complaints within Psychotherapy training schools and with individual practitioners. This approach provides a completely independent healing process for both the complainant and the complained about.

This approach has four stages, which incorporate providing the therapeutic support for those aggrieved, to be able to seek support and inner understanding on the issue. The interaction between those involved is facilitated by seriously engaging with the complaint and embracing the ethical parameters to aid personal understanding, growth, and a greater professional skill.

The end result is a detailed review that is written by those complained about – outlining their developed understanding and new professional skills – to advocate the areas that were deficient and neglected by the professional.

This approach is offered through the International Psychotherapy Consortium with consultant from prominent Psychotherapy groups.

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