From time to time, Alan conducts trainings. These trainings are his way of contributing to the therapeutic world with his vast experience as a psychologist, process worker, and a follower of the Tao.

Currently, the following trainings are offered. Please click on the images below to know more details.

Certificate in Process Oriented Relationship Therapy
Training in Suicide Prevention
Supervision Skills for Therapists

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join these trainings?

They are ideally designed for therapists who work with clients. However, if they interest you, attending them may also help you in your personal life.

Are the traininings based on a single modality?

Alan is widely experienced psychologist, psychotherapist, and a teacher. In these trainings he brings in the amalgamation of the various modalities to bring out quality therapists in the world.

Do I get a certificate?

Alan will sign and send you a certificate upon completing the training with the expected quality.

Can attending a training make me a psychotherapist?

If you are an existing psychotherapist, these trainings will sharpen your skills with the up-to-date knowledge of the subject. However, if you are attending for your own development, then just these trainings do not make you a psychotherapist.

Are you interested?

Send us your details and the training you are interested in.

“The world needs the light that is you.”